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Kevin.Murphy Retouch.Me

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This touch up spray is designed to temporarily touch up root growth and conceal any unwanted grey hairs.

It contains light reflecting tonal concealing pigments which blend seamlessly with your existing shade leaving natural looking hair, whilst the combination of orange and tangerine peel oil and cationic polymer create glossy shine for a satin finish. This light mist is easy to use, quick drying and does not leave a residue so you can discreetly rejuvenate your locks anytime, anywhere.

Key benefits

  • Conceals unwanted root growth
  • Perfects tone and colour fade
  • Adds a satin finish with a natural shine
  • Lasts up until your next hair wash
  • Vegan friendly

Available in Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black & Auburn.

How to use Kevin MURPHY RETOUCH.ME

  1. Shake and spray evenly and lightly onto dry hair in the desired area
  2. Leave to set before you touch your hair
  3. For more coverage, once the spray has set, you can repeat with extra layers

Key ingredients

Orange and tangerine peel oil, vitamin E and cationic polymers.